Taurus Ethical Fund

Taurus Ethical Fund is India's first actively managed equity fund based on the principles of Shariah. The stock selection is made from S&P BSE 500 Shariah universe. Currently there are around 206 stocks in S&P BSE 500 Index that are Shariah Compliant. The portfolio is adequately diversified across compliant sectors.

The fund is ideal for investors looking at socially compliant / responsible way of investing (does not invest in sectors like liquor, tobacco, hotels, banks etc.).

Investment Strategy This fund is a diversified equity fund catering to the investors who are looking for Shariah compliant investment opportunities Long term wealth creation through investment in Shariah compliant equity instruments.

Being a diversified fund, the Fund Manager can invest across the Shariah compliant sectors and stocks so as to benefit from the opportunities prevailing in the sectors.  Selection of stocks is based on better management quality, good corporate governance and strong balance sheet with limited exposure to debt. The key feature of the scheme is that it is a socially responsible investing fund.