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Choose SenSage as your payout Agent as it ensures:

  • Quick, prompt, convenient and reliable services
  • Reliability ensured with state-of-art technology
  • Instant Pay-out (24X7) to the beneficiary*
  • Simplified transaction procedure

Tell your loved ones to send money as “Xpress Money” or “MoneyGram” to Hyderabad, India and we will make sure you receive your money in minutes.

Just drop in with your valid Photo ID & Sender details and collect your money in minutes.

  • No hassle of opening bank accounts*
  • No need of third party introductions.
  • No banking/postal/courier delays.
  • No clearance charges/service charges/deductions.*

* Subject to RBI guidelines that single remittance under the scheme shall not exceed USD 2500 or its equivalent and not more than 12 remittances shall be received by a single recipient through the Principal in a year.

* Payments above Rs. 50,000/- shall be released by Account Payee Cheque/DD only

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