Client Testimonials

Shabbir has given me a good return with absolute peace of mind, excellent service (including constantly updated reports), quick access to my money when I needed bits of it and sensible tax planning. My relationship with his company started on the basis of personal trust, which is now bolstered by its professionalism and understanding of my needs.

Amitabha Banerjee

This is to convey my experience with SenSage Financial Services Pvt. Ltd has been most rewarding. SenSage is been lead by most experienced & dedicate man Mr. M. S. Shabbir; with him my experience is over 12 years. During these 12 years he is not only my guide in financial matters but a personal friend who is available anytime wherever I am. I have found SenSage a very professional company and have a dedicated team of employees, who are as friendly as their Managing Director Mr. Shabbir. Because my best experience in dealing with them, I have recommended some of my relatives who have taken their services for enhancing their investment portfolio. With interaction with them, I can vouch they are very happy with their services.

My entire family portfolio is handled by SenSage and we all in our family can say they are very trustworthy.

We all wish SenSage all the best.

Bolaki J C & Family

Like most of my friends and colleagues, I was of the opinion that investments must be big, in gold or land and stock markets are risky and 'not-for-us' - because of Shariah compliance issues. Mr Shabbir's sessions on financial and retirement planning not only dispelled these myths but very convincingly allayed my fears about investing in stock markets. I have trusted him with my portfolio and am very satisfied with the way it is being managed. It has been a great relief to find a Halal way to financial security and wealth creation.

Above all, I appreciate his efforts towards financial education: which is the need of the hour considering that we live in a capitalist economy driven by consumerism.

Mrs. Jwairia Saleem Haqqani, Overseas Education Consultant for Quality Assusrance,
Associate Inspector CfBT, UK, Principal, IIS

It is almost two years since I am dealing with SenSage...very satisfied with the services ...they operate very professionally and take good care of customer needs I wish them all the success in coming years.

Mr. Abdul Rauf,
Doha, Qatar

I have been using the services of SenSage for the past 6 months and am thoroughly impressed...nay...delighted by the outstanding customer service received. The staffs at SenSage take personal care of my portfolio and look after all my needs.

I have so far already recommended SenSage to a few of my close friends who have also become loyal customers.

Aamer Naveed,
Castrol, Saudi Arabia

SenSage is founded and headed by a very dedicated and knowledgeable professional – Mr. M. S. Shabbir. I have been associated with SenSage from its inception. It has grown and scaled new heights because of its proficiency and very dedicated services. I wish SenSage all the best and higher and higher milestones in future.

Subhash Chand